The information on this website is for educational purposes only. Do not act or rely upon the information on this website without seeking independent professional medical advice.  Prolotherapy is a medical technique. As with any medical technique, results will vary among individuals, and there is no guarantee that you will receive the same outcome as patient reports here. Prolotherapy injections may not work for you and as with all medical procedures there are risks involved. These risks should be discussed with a qualified health care professional prior to any treatment so that you have proper informed consent and understand that there are no guarantees to healing.

Nutrition plays a vital part in health and healing.  In order to promote the most complete healing of a joint, ligament, or tendon injury, certain nutritional elements have to be present.  An important component needed is silicon, necessary in the formation of new strong collagen fibers.  Silicon is needed not only for repair of musculoskeletal tissue but also hair, skin and nails, but unfortunately is often lacking in the American diet.  Over the years various formulas have been created for use in Prolotherapy but up until recently there was not an “all in one” formula which contained this vital ingredient as well as the other nutrients and micro-nutrients needed in the repair of collagen.  We now have LigagenixTM and suggest this formula to patients undergoing Prolotherapy, PRP Prolotherapy, and Biocellular Prolotherapy to assist in healing after treatment.  It can also be used by individuals who are not receiving treatment but wish to obtain a source of ingredients to support collagen repair.