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Advances in Regenerative Medicine:  High Density Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Prolotherapy for Musculoskeletal Pain

Donna D. Alderman, DO and Robert W. Alexander, MD
Practical Pain Management, October 2011
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Stem Cell Prolotherapy in Regenerative Medicine
Donna D. Alderman, DO, Robert W. Alexander, MD, DMD, FICS, Gerald R. Harris, DO, Patrick C. Astourian, MS, PA-C
Journal of Prolotherapy, August 2011

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The New Age of Prolotherapy 
“In addition to traditional Prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma and stem cells are also available to enhance healing of musculoskeletal injuries and mitigation of pain."
Donna D. Alderman, DO
Practical Pain Management, May 2010
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Autologous Fat Grafting as a  Mesenchymal Stem Cell Source and  Living Bioscaffold in a Patellar Tendon Tear.
Joe J. Albano, MD and Robert W. Alexander, MD
Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, July 2011
This case report shows the effective use of  Biocellular Prolotherapy (adipose derived) using autologous fat graft combined with platelet-rich plasma to provide repair cells in healing of a patelllar tendon tear. 
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Autologous Adipose-derived Stromal/Stem Cells with Platelet-Rich Plasma as Biocellular Regenerative Therapy in the Treatment of Chronic Proximal Hamstring Tendon Tear. (2013)
Case report for a patient with a severe high hamstring tendinopathy and tear with a three year history of chronic pain successfully treated with Biocellular Prolotherapy (adipose derived).  
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Regenerative Medicine in the Field of Pain Medicine:  Prolotherapy, Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy, and  Stem Cell Therapy - Theory and Evidence.
David M. DeChellis, DO and Megan Helen Cortazzo, MD
“As increasing evidence on regenerative medicine is generated, more interventional pain physicians are looking to use this field.”  
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